Mesr and Farahzad Dessert

Mesr and Farahzad Dessert

Before reaching the heart of the desert in central Iran, you can get to Farahzad Village and the below attractions.

A Neyzar in heart of desert

Located at a distance of five kilometers east of Farahzad Village, it has become a tourist attraction in the desert. The reed-bed is about three kilometers long and is considered as one of the watering places for the animals in the region. Some reeds are as tall as 4 meters.

Takht-e- Aroos

‘Takht-e-Aroos’ (Bride Throne) is famous for its unparalleled splendor.

It is 12 kilometers from , Farahzad village and on the way to reach the Bride, guests can see another striking site, ‘Takht-e-Abbasi’ (Abbasi Throne).

The sand dunes around Farahzad Village are known as thrones since the strong winds have flattened the surface forming peculiar and attractive shapes.

‘Bride Throne’ is formed by piles of aeolian sand and seemingly the tiniest grains of sand are found there.

It is worth mentioning that unfortunately, due to the excessive poaching in the late 1970s, their species went extinct in the area. However, there are still witnesses who confirm existence of gazelles in the region.

Bayaze village

‘Bayazeh’ is an ancient village located 130 kilometers from, Farahzad. There is a castle in Bayazeh called ‘Orange Castle’, which dates back to the Sassanid era (224-651). Entering the five-storey castle, you will see many small connected rooms and covered passages. A moat was dug around the castle, traces of which can still be seen there.