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Rad Travel Company with a decade of brilliant experience in tourism industry and Employing professional managers and staffs, tries to create new ideas for operating incoming and outgoing tours. This company is in direct connection with Germany and Italy, and so have the possibility to operate various tour packages in these countries. For individuals and companies to participate in or visit foreign exhibitions, Rad Travel Company, can offer unique tourism services. Rad Travel Company is eager to cooperate with other travel agencies throughout the world, and is proud of introducing the rich culture and civilization as well as elegant and eye-catching nature of Iran to the entire world. Also we have the honor to help our citizens, traveling to other countries and get familiar with their culture. Our professional approach, best quality services, expertise, specialized packages and reasonable prices have made Rad Travel Company the best choice to meet all the needs of domestic and foreign travelers.
Our company has been presented by sale and marketing offices such as:

  • HTMS Sale and Marketing, Milan, Italy
  • STR-Destination Handling, Frankfurt, Germany
  • STR CEE Ltd, Budapest, Hungary
  • Travel Trade Consultants, Madrid, Spain
  • MMA Consulting, Moscow, Russia

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  • 20141 Milano - Italia EU
  • +39 02 58111958     
  • +39 02 58100222
  • eorsini@ htmsinternational.com
  • htmsinternational.com




East Europe

  • Váci út 28., félemelet 5.H-1132, Budapest
  • +36 1 302 7135
  • +36 1 302 0859
  • info@str-cee.com
  • www.str-cee.com




Spain & Portugal