Internet and WiFi acess in Iran

The internet in Iran is in a good condition but NOT in an high speed, connections aren’t stable and you can expect dropouts times during your browsing session. Although free Wi-Fi is offered in the hotels. Free Wi-Fi hotspots around the country are also very difficult to find.

If you are an internet-addict, its highly recommended to buy a prepaid SIM card, activating the unlimited or limited internet packages for the duration of your stay and enjoy using it almost everywhere, even on the roads. You can buy SIM cards in the airport or local shops, bests are Irancell and Hamrahe Aval. This is practical if you have a cell phone with an operating system. If not, the internet cafes outside of the hotels are cheap (2$ per hour) and convenient.

Do not forget Twitter and Facebook are filtered in Iran. If you want to access these services while in
the country you’ll need a VPN.