How men tourists should dress in Iran?


Don’t worry! Dressing the same as you do in western countries. Just avoid short shorts.


How women tourists should dress in Iran?


Maybe one of the main differences to other countries you’d traveled before, is Iranian dress code and hijab, and this is the biggest concern for female travelers to Iran. As an Islamic country, Iran has its own rules for dressing in public.

Scarf: As a woman, you should cover the hair with headscarves, do remember to pack a headscarf in your handbag as you have to wear it the moment you exit the plane and are officially in Iran. This headscarf accompanies you all time you’re in the country except in hotel’s room. If your headscarf falls (which happens often!) don’t worry and quickly put it back on again. It’s not so serious point, but just pay attention at all times.

Tip 1: Wearing your hair in a high bun or ponytail helps keep the scarf in place!
Tip 2: Choose the headscarf color freely, not necessarily dark colors. It’s OK!
Tip 3: You can buy very nice headscarves in local shops with very low prices; beautiful colors and patterns, call it a memento of Iran thereafter! (Mainly in Tehran and Shiraz)

Manto: (body cover) Wear somehow loose-fitting tops and three-quarter length sleeves are acceptable

Trousers: Trousers, jeans or long skirts depending on the traveling season are all OK.

Tip: It’s better to be more cautious in Mashhad, Qom and Isfahan and respect the values by wearing more fitting clothes.