Shiraz is home to some of the most famous ancient attractions in Iran, including Persepolis, Pasargad complex, Cyrus' tomb, Sassanid era palaces, castles, and cities, Naqsh Rostam, and Naqsh Rajab.


The city of Shiraz is the capital of the province of Fars. It is no secret that Shiraz is one of the most beautiful and historical cities in the world. It is said that Farsi, the language of Ancient Fars (Pars), has become the official language of Iran, i.e. the Persian language. About 2500 years ago, Pasargadae (which is located near Shiraz) was the first capital of Fars. Cyrus the Great, the king of the Achaemenid Empire, also had his capital in this city. Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of his successor, Darius, and his son Xerxes, who succeeded him. Both of these capitals are no longer visible today, with only the ruins remaining. Fars had another capital city, Estakhr, which was also a large city. Founded by the Sassanians, it lasted until Shiraz eventually assumed the role of the regional capital after the Sassanians left. Visit Shiraz if you want to gain a better understanding of Iran’s dynasties and capitals

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240 km²
1.566 million (2016)
Spring, Autumn
IRR, Tomans


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29.581711547475024, 52.585201260203625
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Shahcheragh Holy Shrine

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